Udom Emmanuel, hold me by my words

Great People of Akwa Ibom State, We will not throw your goodwill to the dust nor crush your hope like men with dead conscience or bring your free mandates to frustration. Though the thoughts of men may not be known by others but hold me by my words, for I will not lead you to ruins but to greatness and much glory.

The will power to transmogrify Akwa Ibom State burns within me as conflagration, I pledge to you all that I will put my exposures to use and draw in all my associates to ensure overall success ,while making God the benefactor of my government, for without him we will all fail.

Our Governor, Chief Godswill Akpabio CON wrought prodigious strides in our land. In order to sustain the impetus of this development and surpass it , as our dear leader rightly said that he does not want to be the best governor of Akwa Ibom State , but to be known as a man who produced the best governor, so to be your best governor,I must surpass all his records of development. Akwa Ibom people, the time has come to convey total rejuvenation to all sectors of our economy.

The sacrosanctity of our vision to transform this State to a private-sector driven economy is a mission that must be archived without repudiation, with collective efforts but not with a singular capacity. I will not run a government of exclusion but all-encompassing governance that there will be no divide between Political parties nor socio-political groups.

We will not run it on ethnic lines of ORO, Ibibio, Ekid and Annang, for we will entomb all forms of ethnocentrisms in the distribution of developmental projects and political offices. This is therefore a call to service to all Akwa Ibom people across the world to bring all their expertise to work. Let us all be free to advise, propose and project to my government initiatives that have the potentialities of transforming Akwa Ibom State; as long as your projection will add positive values to our common fortunes, my government doors are open.

It is the time we must work as a team without seclusion, for no land or people can progress without unity. Blackmailing of one another will only build us mountains of hatred for one another but burying our differences for unity of purpose will grant us speed to succeed and gigantic transformation for our economy.

Have a wonderful Day!


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