Congratulations! Congratulations!!

My Patron, My Dcn. My brother in Christ, let me say your victory @ the supreme yesterday was not a surprised to men,but rather it was re affirmation of God's covenant with as His son which He have entered into with you between the year, 2010 and 2013 if you can remember sir.

His Excellency, my governor sir, it was the covenant that spoke out in Abuja through the supreme court of Nigeria as its happened in the Book of 2 Sam. 9:1- ;. Once again, congrats my governor and I am praying daily that He who taken you to that seat must surely grant you His wisdom to brings not just an existing change,but an industrial change in Akwa Ibom State IJN, Amen.

I am extremely proud to have as my very own...

Ishmael Nelson,