You can’t give what you don’t have !

Akwa Ibom State under Chief Godswill Akpabio has provided free medical care for all infants up to the age of five and for all pregnant women. Adults above 65 years of age are also enjoying free medical services. To support these, the government has put in place medical infrastructure such as cottage hospitals in each local government to cater for the health needs of our people. The jewel in the crown is the Ibom Specialist Hospital which will be a centre of excellence for medical care and a big boost to medical tourism. In the words of Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka, “Akwa Ibom under Governor Akpabio has attained a quantum leap in infrastructure development”. The State has indeed become the infrastructural leader among Nigeria's comity of States. These gains and momentum of development must be sustained and built upon. All the infrastructures that the State needs to take a leap into the league of highly industrialised States have been put in place.

Akwa Ibom is ready for the next stage of development. What will make the difference is embedded in the very popular Latin saying “Nemo Dat Quod Non Habet” which basically means “You can't give what you don't have”. In this case, the leadership that can seize opportunities and build on this great foundation that has been laid. What is required now is a proven manager of men and finances, who shares in the vision of His Excellency and has the courage to lead Akwa Ibom in its next quantum leap into industrialization, economic empowerment of its people, and wealth creation.

Udom Emmanuel has managed for profit, he understands bottom line issues, he knows about wealth and job creation and investors are most likely to listen to him.

Udom Is Right

Vote Udom Emmanuel for sustainable development.

3 Responses

  1. Levite2015
    The facts speak for themselves, you can't give what you don't have. Akwa Ibom needs a leader with the following qualities: Fit in character and learning. Passionate. Ready to collaborate with well-intentioned persons. Smart and visionary. Innovative. Above all God fearing. Ride on Deacon Udom Emmanuel!
  2. Levite2015
    Yes the facts speak for themselves. To sustain the mileage of transformation the State needs a servant-leader who must be: fit in character and learning. Focused. Passionate. Collaborative with well-intentioned persons. Smart and visionary. Innovative naturally. All these qualities are found in Deacon Udom Emmanuel. Ride on our crown prince. Akwa Ibom is eager to corronate you soonest
  3. Inyang
    As for me and my family is UDOM all the way come 28 Feb. The qualities this RIGHTMAN has in his kitty is wonderful and excellent. UDOM, Hiltop mansion is your next destination and I can feel it. You are the best among equals, so ride- on as nothing do you. God is your ultimate strength and sole guidance.