Udom Emmanuel Vanguard (UEV) drums support for Udom Emmanuel

A Lagos-based group of professionals, Udom Emmanuel Vanguard (UEV) , has drummed up support for the Peoples Democratic Party governorship flag bearer for Akwa Ibom State, Deacon Udom Gabriel Emmanuel.

UEV, while congratulating Emmanuel, also promised him maximum support to emerge the successor of Governor Godswill Akpabio.

Addressing a press conference  today in Lagos, the Chairman of the group, Elder Sam Bassey,  said: “A good product sells without too much advertisement.”

Full Press Statement:

I welcome you all to this Press Conference to officially introduce a Social Group mixed with the highest level of Professionalism called Udom Emmanuel Vanguard. For a group of high professional standing to be named after an individual is a clear indication of the great attributes of the individual in question.

Udom Emmanuel is a good product and does not need too much advertisement. He is a man of impeccable character who has been divinely prepared by God to take Akwa Ibom State to the next level.

UEV was formed to promote the candidature of Udom Emmanuel, a prominent son from the preferred Eket Senatorial District for election as the Governor of Akwa Ibom State scheduled for April 11, 2015.

Of the numerous candidates who vied for PDP Governorship Primaries in the State, Udom Emmanuel stood out as an exceptional candidate. He is one of the most urbane individuals with exceptional Academic and Professional Qualifications from Akwa IBOM State which include Bsc Accounting, Msc in Corporate Goveranance from Metropolitan University,Uk; Fellow, ICAN, Institute of Financial Management, Associate Chartered Institute of Taxation, etc. He rose to the position of an Executive Director in Zenith Bank, a very prominent Bank in Africa. He was also a Director of Zenith Bank in about four countries namely United Kingdom, Sierra Leone, Gambia . Udom served as a Director in Africa Finance Corporation and Nigeria Inter Bank Settlement Systems(NIBSS).

Udom Emmanuel was appointed Secretary to the State Government in July 2013 by the administration of Chief Dr Godswill Akpabio CON, one of the best Governors in the present dispensation. Dr Akpabio has transformed the State from a relative unknown State to a Tourism Destination with world Class Infrastructures. Dr Godswill Akpabio has written his name in gold as the first Governor in Akwa IBOM State to revolutionize the State from obscurity to a World known Infrastructure Destination. The best Stadium in Africa was recently unveiled by three serving Presidents and even ex Presidents of other nations were present in our State. He is about to commission a 21st Century Hospital with world class facilities by next month - March 2015. The goal is to bring about medical tourism to Nigeria with Akwa IBOM State as the destination. But truly, the best achievement of Governor Akpabio is to identify a worthy successor in a God fearing man called Deacon Udom Emmanuel. Udom's manifesto centers on transiting from Infrastructure to Industrialization and Agricultural Revolution with intention to create wealth for Akwa IBOM people and make employment a task that must be done.


The membership of the Group which started with only six people has within three months grew to 500, with 290 fully registered. The growth is due to the ideals of the group and the leadership which is professionally based. Membership cuts across various professions and has Women and Youth Wings.

We drive membership through Leaders of 31 Local Governments of Akwa IBOM State but resident in Lagos. This strategy has given the group wide acceptance and it's highly respected


1. The group through various meetings identified peculiar needs of each local government across the State with SWOT analysis in preparing for the election of Udom Emmanuel. We have mapped out several strategies not only to ensure that Udom wins the election but must see through his rulership as the State Governor from 2015 - 2019, and even beyond.

2. We have arranged to travel en masse for the gubernatorial election. This is the first time in the history of election in Akwa IBOM State that a group plans to collectively be at home to ensure that a gubernatorial candidate of choice wins the election. Advanced teams were sent to participate in the statewide campaign in all the 31 Local Government Areas.

3. We have just launched a caller tune for Udom Emmanuel which we expect to spread like wildfire in the State to serve as reminder for mobile phone users in taking a decision to vote for Udom Emmanuel.

4. We have printed flyers for campaign. As a deliberate policy, we are distributing flyers to all travelers from Lagos to Akwa IBOM on daily basis reminding them of Udom Emmanuel as the candidate of choice for governorship. We highlight the main thrust of Udom Emmanuel's manifesto - Industrialization, Wealth Creation, Employment generation, Agricultural Development, Youth Empowerment, etc.

5. We are planning to have a very strong media presence in Akwa IBOM State to project, promote and publicize daily achievements of Udom Emmanuel from 29 May 2015 (by the grace of God, he will win the election come 11 April 2015 and will be sworn in on 29 May 2015). It would serve as information reservoir.

6. There is a campaign film in the works which would be released three weeks before elections to keep voters refreshed on the best candidate to emerge from PDP and Eket Senatorial District as the Governor of the State.

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, we are delighted that God has brought to Akwa IBOM a man that can fit into Godswill Akpabio's shoes to run our State as a Governor. In UEV, it is truly a dream come true to have Udom Emmanuel as the ruling party governorship candidate of our State and we have sworn to support him without reservation.

Our Target

To contribute a minimum of 500,000 votes in the election of the State Governor on April 11, 2015 through strategic and aggressive marketing of Udom Emmanuel.

UEV ... Udom is right
UEV .... Udom is right
Great UEV ... Udom is very right

Gentlemen of the Press, thank you for your attention.

Elder Sam Bassey
Chairman, Udom Emmanuel Vanguard.

2 Responses

  1. Inyang
    A very good move and he deserved this honour. Elder Sam Bassey well done. How can one become a member of UEV and who is the contact person?
    • Ibom Consolidation Collective, ICC.
      Thank you for your comment. Please contact for membership - Usen Iqua Ibom 08023409760