The emergence of Deacon Udom Emmanuel has proved that God meant well for Akwa Ibom State, considering the experience and pedigree of the former SSG. He has all that is needed in a Governor. Udom Emmanuel is a godly man and when he is on the throne the people will rejoice. I know very well as his pastor. He is straight forward, simple, kind hearted. Focused and above all, God fearing.

Rev Message Aquaowo, Congregational Pastor, United Evangelical Church (Qua Iboe Church) Surulere

This testimony from Ubium Community in Lagos was culled from the 26th January, 2014 Souvenir Programme  of the Thanksgiving Service of Mr Udom Emmanuel in Awa Iman and is reproduced verbatim.

Whoever works for the happiness of the Society deserves to be happy!

When we got wind of this Thanksgiving Service, my Exco immediately indicated intention to participate, seeing an opportunity to acknowledge the contribution of one of its benefactors and to thank God for His Mercies upon the life of this family. Before I go too far, the Ubium Community in Lagos is a coalition and umbrella body of the meetings of the thirty four (34) Villages in Ubium, as well as the meeting of Ubium Women Association in Lagos and Ogun States and by the Grace of God I have the priviledge of leading this coalition.

Now, a debate ensued as to the manner of conveying this message. Some thought we should put up a simple goodwill message while the majority opted for an open letter format to enable our community capture in fair detail our thoughts on this wonderful family. But in settling for a letter format we were also aware that our nation’s recent experience with open letter writing has tended to be destructive, even ending in complete fiasco for some of the writers and which we know is not going to be our portion.

Anyway, it was the consensus of our Exco that this letter would provide some illumination into why God’s hand is in the affairs of this family and recommend this trajectory to others for emulation.

For us in Ubium Community, Lagos, there are compelling stories to tell. We are pleased to place on record the consistent annual support this family gives to Widows of Ubium Women Association, Lagos. The remarkable thing about the intervention is that these women have been beneficiaries of the support every time they’ve gathered for the annual widowhood ceremony in the last thirteen (13) years, and as recent as November 2013, the women, this time around, widows and non - widows, were beneficiaries of another round of significant support from the adorable Madam of the house Mrs Martha Udom Emmanuel when they had their 35th Anniversary and Welfare Launch. Not to mention the very numerous job opportunities and leverage the family has put the way of business men and women of Ubium origin. Perhaps we should also remark that these are not just isolated interventions limited to Ubium Community. Information available to us show again and again, that this family has lived for the house of God and His Children, lived for the community, dedicated itself to reducing the pangs of the pressures of daily survival for many in today’s society.  We felt obliged to tell these stories because often times, such assistance and interventions are understandably difficult to sustain. And come to think of it, the man is not from Ubium and neither is the wife from that point of extraction, and to have shown that level of faithfulness when there was no immediate indication of recompense for the behaviour, except the promise of God’s Mercy, truly mark out the family as very special.

On his current assignment, we are of the very strong view that Deacon Udom Gabriel Emmanuel has the academic, job experience pedigree and social exposure to be a great Secretary to the State Government and should effortlessly continue that impressive tradition of Akwa Ibom State being noted over the years for producing exceptional public administrators in the service of our state and the nation at large. And it is in that context that we believe Governor Godswill Akpabio deserves full marks for what is clearly an inspired appointment. On the media war being waged against the SSG on the net and a section of the media, we counsel he concentrates on getting the job done and should ignore those very unkind, mischievous, sometimes inane and very idiotic untruths written about his person. It’s obvious from their mostly asinine comments that they do not know the man they are talking about.

Finally, as a community, we are doubly persuaded that whoever works sincerely for the happiness of the society cannot be expected to be unhappy and we are standing on this immutable universal spiritual truth to pray that God directs the footsteps of members of this family and grant them a blissful and successful period in the service of our dear state and mankind, in Jesus mighty name, Amen.

Godspeed, Dear Brother and Sister.

Signed by

Akparawa (Chief) Eshiet Ben Essien
Obong Unwana Nsit Ubium
Patron, Nsit Ubium Local Government Community Meeting, Lagos.
Current President, Ubium Community, Lagos.
Current President, Ikot Okpudo Union, Lagos.

I have over the years related very intimately with Udom Emmanuel. As
a business partner, he is a perfect gentleman whose every word you can
work with. A very hard working individual, in fact a workaholic with
deep rooted passion for every task he sets for himself. A true friend
to behold and one with an Akwa Ibom blood running all over his veins.

I am excited that he has decided to leave what could rightly be called
his comfort zone to deploy his bountiful talents and take Akwa Ibom to
the next level.

I also wish to testify on my honor to all Akwa
Ibomites that this man can be trusted in everything.

Felix Ekarika, Managing Director/CEO, Aluminium Solutions Ltd

Udom Emmanuel has earned my respect and absolute loyalty because he keeps his words. Since I knew Udom over 30 years ago, he has never double spoken. He is truly a man of integrity. The young man is extremely intelligent. His growth in Zenith Bank Plc was unprecedented.

The State should expect a true sustainable development when he becomes the successor to our erudite Governor Chief (Dr) Godswill Akpabio (CON).

Samuel Bassey, Customer Service Consultant