2019 Election: Uyo Paramount Ruler Calls for Peace

As tension heightens over the remote causes of violence towards the build up to 2019 general election, the Paramount Ruler of Uyo Local Government Area, His Royal Majesty, Edidem Sylvanus Okon has called on Akwa Ibom people among her residents to carry out their political activities in a way that will not jeopardize the peace enjoyed in the State.

The Royal Father who made the call today in an exclusive interview advised that it will not be in the best interest of the State for some persons to resort to violence nor use threatening expressions in a bid to take power come 2019.

He noted that since the State is named after God coupled with the fact that absence of peace does not engender development, it will be a wise course for Akwa Ibom people not to allow elections divide them nor engage in actions that will lead to violence.

The Paramount Ruler pointed out that although some persons may rely on Federal Might in their bid to take power come 2019, it is his belief that such plans will not prevail since God gives power to whom he wishes.

Edidem Okon advised politicians to stop sponsoring youth for electoral violence and called on the youth not to allow themselves to be used for political thuggery since they may endanger their lives and barter the good name of the State.

Commenting on his assessment of Governor Udom Emmanuel's administration, the Traditional Ruler offered insight to the fact that he has been impressed by the performance of the Governor.

The Paramount Ruler said under Governor Emmanuel's administration, Uyo has fared well evidenced in strategic appointments given to Uyo sons. He added that he was glad to witness praiseworthy projects in the area even as he believes the projects will be improved upon as resources improves in the State.

He explained that what is most endearing to his heart is the Governor's ability and commitment to keep to his campaign promise of industrializing the State.

The Paramount Ruler said the significant improvement in the health sector, power, road infrastructure and ability to maintain peace among other achievements of Governor Emmanuel's administration gives credence to his commitment to lead the State aright.

Edidem Okon insisted that with Governor Emmanuel's performance so far coupled with the fact that each past democratically elected governors of the State had served the State for eight years, it was only right for Governor Udom Emmanuel to be supported for second term for him to complete his projects and further leverage on his experience to lead the State to a height worthy to be reckoned with.

By Ekemini Simon

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